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Welcome to CuriOSEity, the official GlycoNet trainee monthly blog!

The blog highlights work done by GlycoNet trainees, encourages discussion and interaction on glycomics-related topics, and offers advice on career development and advancement. The blog name reflects the natural curiosity of scientists and, of course, includes a play on words using OSE, the suffix used in biochemistry to form the names of sugars. We welcome guest bloggers to contribute — simply email us at: Enjoy!

Cheerful multiethnic business people sitting at meeting in boardroom, clapping, looking at camera and laughing. Young woman sitting in front

Professional self-care

January 2019 By Jay Bassan, PhD candidate in the Nitz Lab at the University of Toronto As academic science leadership slowly comes to terms with the low proportion of PhD graduates who end up with faculty jobs, the emphasis on professional development during graduate school is growing.  But, without sufficient integration …

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Writing effective emails and etiquette

December 2018 by Roger Ashmus, Simon Fraser University Emailing is probably the most essential form of online communication in the workplace today. We use it to share data and information with our supervisors, colleagues, collaborators, and generally use it as the first form of contact with a company/professor when job …

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Cross collaboration: How two graduate students benefit from sharing their research

November 2018 By Alena Pratasouskaya & Jennifer Crha Alena  – Do you believe that people come into your life for a reason? We quite often hear that networking is important; we should expand our professional network every day. I don’t think I grasped the importance of those words until I needed …

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Tips on improving time management

October 2018 by Erum Razvi, Biochemistry PhD candidate in Dr. P. Lynne Howell’s lab at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Managing my time well is something I have forever been improving on throughout my life. For me, this past year has certainly been busy; being a PhD student …

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Cheerful multiethnic business people sitting at meeting in boardroom, clapping, looking at camera and laughing. Young woman sitting in front

Let’s hang out in the UNcomfortable zone      

September 2018 by Alena Pratasouskaya, M.Sc. candidate, Sir Wilfred Laurier University  From the early years of my life, I only saw how my parents, relatives and everybody around me were trying to get comfortable in life and remain in their comfort zone for as long as they could. Families rarely moved …

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A toolkit of survival strategies for the introverted scientist at the podium

August 2018 by Hanna Ostapska, Graduate Student – Doctoral, McGill University Did you know that one of the top fears in North America is public speaking despite the cultural norm of western society being that of encouraging extraversion? Following participation in presentation skills workshops, reading books and having conversations with junior …

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