CuriOSEity: The GlycoNet Blog

Welcome to CuriOSEity, the official GlycoNet trainee monthly blog!

The blog highlights work done by GlycoNet trainees, encourages discussion and interaction on glycomics-related topics, and offers advice on career development and advancement. The blog name reflects the natural curiosity of scientists and, of course, includes a play on words using OSE, the suffix used in biochemistry to form the names of sugars. We welcome guest bloggers to contribute — simply email us at: Enjoy!

Cross your t’s, dot your i’s

July 2018 by Ali Nejatie, MSc, PhD Candidate Simon Fraser University This was a common phrase used by my previous supervisor during my master’s degree.  Let me give you a scenario to put this in perspective. The scenario So, you start in a lab as a graduate student or postdoc …

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Start building your CV now

June 2018 by Roger Ashmus, Simon Fraser University Are you a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow that is primarily focused on research, publications, and attending or presenting at conferences, with the occasional community engagement activity? If this sounds like you, I encourage you to get more involved and start building …

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