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Network News

Survey a first step for GlycoNet to develop equity, diversity and inclusion strategy

GlycoNet is surveying Network Investigators, trainees and staff collecting self-identified diversity data, as a starting point for the development of a comprehensive Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy plan. GlycoNet’s Diversity Census Questionnaire, administered by the EDI Unit in the University of Alberta’s Human Resource Services (HRS) office, was distributed …

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Let’s hang out in the UNcomfortable zone      

September 2018 by Alena Pratasouskaya, M.Sc. candidate, Sir Wilfred Laurier University  From the early years of my life, I only saw how my parents, relatives and everybody around me were trying to get comfortable in life and remain in their comfort zone for as long as they could. Families rarely moved …

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Network News

Gut enzymes could hold key to producing universal blood

Source: Reprinted with permission from the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Science. For blood transfusions to be safe, the donor and patient blood types must match. Now researchers at the University of British Columbia have identified a new, more powerful group of enzymes that can turn any type of …

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Network Profile

Q and A with Network Investigator Mario Monteiro, Professor, University of Guelph

What was your reaction when you were awarded the recent 2018 RBC Top 25 Immigrants Award? I think that all human beings like to be recognized for their work.  I was particularly pleased in this situation in that I was being recognized for my Canadian journey so far — from high school to …

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Network News

A pretty plant of summer produces a promising anti-diabetes compound

Discovery of the biosynthetic pathway of a plant metabolite lays the groundwork for its use as an anti-diabetes drug July 2, 2018 Roughly half of the western medicines used today were derived from naturally occurring plant metabolites. Plants produce over 200,000 of these specialized metabolites, but identifying medicinally useful ones …

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Research Highlight

Relieving the pain of kidney stones

The power and promise of carbohydrate moleculesFor anyone who has suffered from kidney stones, the painful condition is not easily treatable, and patients are typically prescribed strong pain medication and fluids to alleviate symptoms. More stubborn stones can require surgery.GlycoNet-funded research is testing the safety and efficacy of a glycoside, called arbutin, which is extracted from the bearberry plant. The molecule has shown a remarkable ability to break up kidney stones in pre-clinical studies.

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Upcoming Events
12:00 pm SMRTS Webinar: Intellectual Prop...
SMRTS Webinar: Intellectual Prop...
May 30 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Hosted by AGE-WELL Registration link: About the speaker: Isi Caulder (Bereskin & Parr LLP) Isi Caulder is a partner, patent and trademark agent with Bereskin & Parr LLP and co-leader of the Artificial Intelligence[...]
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