Call for Proposals

GlycoNet is currently seeking proposals for the following grant(s). Click on the grant title for full details.

Collaborative Team – Cycle II

A key goal of GlycoNet is to support research projects that are multi-disciplinary, as defined by the NCE program. Accordingly, this Request for Proposals seeks to fund projects that involve two or more research groups in different disciplines. Proposals that involve an investigator who is primarily funded on by one of the tri-council agencies (e.g., CIHR) working with others primarily funded by one or both of the other tri-council agencies (e.g., NSERC and/or SSHRC) will be viewed most favourably.

 Cycle II Research Gaps | List of Potential NRC Partners | Start-Up Company

An essential part of the GlycoNet mandate is to effectively exchange and exploit Network-generated knowledge and technology with the ultimate goal of delivering commercial outcomes. A common commercialization strategy for academic research is company spin-off/creation, “NewCo’s”, which allows continued development and/or increased de-risking of a technology. As such, GlycoNet has developed this program to assist and support new companies during their initial phase of development.
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