The Canadian glycomics community is built upon more than 50 years of outstanding training of highly qualified personnel. Pioneers in the field began their careers in the 1950s and 1960s, training scientists who led groups across Canada in the subsequent decades. A third and fourth generation of Canada-trained glycomics scientists are now carrying out groundbreaking research in glycomics and are leading GlycoNet.

GlycoNet is committed to an effective training program. The fundamental goal of GlycoNet training activities is to provide trainees with a broadly based skill set for successful careers in academia as well as in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

GlycoNet training initiatives will include:

  • new glycomics course materials, including a Canada-wide glycomics curriculum for use in undergraduate and graduate education, and an outreach program that will bring GlycoNet research into high school classrooms
  • professional development, particularly in technology transfer, entrepreneurship and project management, as well as in ‘soft skills’ such as communication and networking
  • multidisciplinary research training between groups, and industrial internships
  • technology workshops


Please contact GlycoNet’s Training Coordinator Ryan Snitynsky for more information about the training program.