Workshops & Webinars

  • Technology Workshops will provide Network HQP with hands-on training in specialized lab techniques, delivered in an interactive small group format and led by a GlycoNet Network Investigator.
    Call for Proposals

    Part of GlycoNet’s mission is to “deliver exceptional training in glycomics research and entrepreneurship.” To support this goal, GlycoNet will assist Network Investigators who wish to develop and deliver 1–2 day technology workshops to small groups of HQP within the Network. Facilitators from outside of the Network may be invited to contribute additional expertise.

    Funding Available
    GlycoNet will provide funding to cover:
    • Facility and equipment rentals during the workshop
    • Chemicals and laboratory consumables used during the workshop
    • Lunch and snacks for participants and facilitators during the scheduled workshop periods
    • Travel and accommodation for all facilitators, as described in the GlycoNet Travel & Reimbursement Policy

    GlycoNet will not cover:
    • Social events that take place outside of the workshop
    • The purchase of new laboratory equipment or instruments

    Please upload proposals to the GlycoNet Forum. Proposals should align with one of GlycoNet’s research themes. Application deadlines are January 15, May 15, and September 15 each year.

  • To help foster collaboration within the Network, and to facilitate knowledge exchange, project communication, and professional development, GlycoNet invites applications for Regional Meetings from both Network investigators and trainees.

    Proposed 1–2 day meetings and discussion groups will ideally involve Network investigators and researchers from at least two member institutions, although applications from single institutions will be considered. Proposals should align with one or more of GlycoNet’s research themes.

    The focus of each meeting or discussion group should be scientific in nature, although other components such as professional development and networking activities may also be included. The participation of non-GlycoNet investigators and trainees are allowed although the majority of the participants should be from GlycoNet research groups.

    Proposals from both Network investigators and trainees will be considered. Please see the GlycoNet Forum for more details and the application form (found under "My Proposals"), or contact the Training Coordinator with questions about meeting suitability. Application deadlines are January 15, May 15, and September 15 each year.

  • SMRTS Webinars

    The SMRTS (Sharing Multi-network Resources for Trainee Success) Seminars Program is a professional development initiative between 9 national and provincial networks aimed at providing the best possible programming to our respective trainees.

    Each month, we will offer our trainees access to a wide range of soft skills programming through a live-streamed webinar or event.

    See the schedule at:

    Other Webinars:

    Patents: Maximizing the Value of your Intellectual Property

    Presented by Dr. David Barrans (Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP)
    August 26, 2015

    GlycoNet Forum Demonstration

    Presented by Dr. Eleni Stroulia (University of Alberta)
    September 24, 2015
    Slides available here

    ABO Antigens - The Intersection Between Transplantation and Glycomics

    Presented by Dr. Todd Lowary (Scientific Director, GlycoNet) and Dr. Lori West (Director, Canadian National Transplant Research Program)
    September 11, 2015
  • The GlycoNet Departmental Seminar Series will assist in the dissemination of Network knowledge to the broader scientific community, as well as raise the profile and visibility of GlycoNet researchers and provide excellent opportunities for networking and collaborative discussions.

    Funding will support the travel and accommodation costs associated with GlycoNet Network Investigators travelling as invited speakers to other GlycoNet institutions within Canada. Presentations will be advertised as joint GlycoNet–Departmental seminars, with recognition of GlycoNet and the NCE program as funding sources. Seminars funded through this program will be limited to one speaker/department/year. University members interested in hosting a GlycoNet speaker will complete an application form through the "My Proposals" section of the GlycoNet Forum, which will be reviewed by the Training Committee twice annually. Applications should come from the host institution, not that of the proposed seminar speaker.

    Applicants may request up to $1,500/speaker. Application deadlines are November 1 and March 1 each year.