2017 Canadian Glycomics AGM and Symposium highlights

By Chardelle Prevatt – May 31, 2017

The second annual Canadian Glycomics AGM and Symposium, held from May 8 – 12, 2017, attracted more than 240 researchers, trainees and industry leaders in the fields of glycomics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The event showcased some of the brightest minds in glycomics research from across Canada and throughout the world.

Symposium sessions highlighted advances in glycomics research to combat a wide variety of target diseases, featuring seven keynote speakers and twelve selected talks from Network investigators, trainees and other researchers. The event also boasted over 100 poster presentations on topics ranging from synthetic chemistry to clinical sciences.

“This year’s event was a testament to the significant potential of glycomics in solving important health issues,” said GlycoNet Scientific Director Dr. Todd Lowary. “The level and diversity of discussions were outstanding… We were happy to create a forum that provided the right mix of subjects, people and time to further the glycomics research community.”

Preceding the Symposium, GlycoNet’s Immuno-Oncology Workshop was another success, with notable voices within academics and industry discussing the the role of glycomics in immuno-oncology.

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