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About GlycoNet

Supported by the Government of Canada through the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program, GlycoNet, the Canadian Glycomics Network, is a pan-Canadian initiative bringing together researchers, industry and academic partners, who work together to develop solutions to unmet health needs through the study of glycomics.

Our Vision

To deliver solutions to important health issues and improve quality of life of Canadians through glycomics.

Our Mission

  • Ensure that the Network and Canada are internationally recognized as the leader in glycomics research.
  • Deliver exceptional training in glycomics research and entrepreneurship
  • Bridge the translation gap between research and industry
  • Translate research advances into tangible benefits for Canada

To achieve our vision and mission, GlycoNet builds on our world-leading network of glycomics researchers and trainees, government laboratories and industry partners. The Network addresses key challenges in human health. GlycoNet’s research, in collaboration with our partners, leads to novel approaches for preventing and treating disease.

Infographic about GlycoNet

Key outcomes of GlycoNet

  • Innovative multidisciplinary research excellence in glycomics, with a particular emphasis on human health, to advance Canadian health care and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in Canada. Specific areas of interest will be antimicrobials, rare genetic diseases, diabetes, obesity, agents for treating chronic disease, and the development of therapeutic proteins and vaccines.
  • Core services in glycan screening, complex glycan structure analysis, glycan synthesis and high-throughput screening, for use by GlycoNet researchers and industry partners. These core services will be a magnet for companies and industries seeking glycomics research and development.
  • A Canada-wide curriculum for training in glycomics. Training resources will profit both GlycoNet trainees and industry partners, and will be viewed as the international gold standard.
  • Strategic partnerships with small, medium and large biotech and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate and power translational research.
  • New ventures created through GlycoNet and a new generation of entrepreneurs to benefit Canadian industry. In support of strategic partnerships and venture creation, GlycoNet will target funding to translational research, protection of intellectual property, and training of highly qualified personnel.
  • Unified Canadian leadership and vision in international glycomics research initiatives.
  • The maturation of GlycoNet into the one-stop global destination for academic and industry organizations that seek solutions to problems through applied glycomics research.

GlycoNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE). The NCE program is funded by Government of Canada. For more information about the NCE program, visit: http://www.nce-rce.gc.ca/index_eng.asp

View GlycoNet’s network page on NCE website: https://www.nce-rce.gc.ca/NetworksCentres-CentresReseaux/NCE-RCE/GlycoNet_eng.asp

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