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Leadership Team

Elizabeth Nanak Dr. Nanak is the Network’s Executive Director. Dr. Nanak was involved in the GlycoNet initiative since the Letter of Intent stage and served as the Associate Director, Business for the Alberta Glycomics Centre from 2007–2015. Prior to her position with the Centre, she worked as a manager of large-scale and multi-institutional projects with Genome Prairie. In addition to her PhD in biochemistry, Elizabeth has an MBA in biotechnology management.

Chief Executive Officer
Warren Wakarchuk
Dr. Wakarchuk is a Professor from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. The Wakarchuk lab investigates the structure and function of the enzymes which make and degrade various glycoconjugates. This work has been enabling the chemo-enzymatic synthesis of bioactive glycoconjugates both in the laboratory and for industrial projects. The Wakarchuk lab has expertise with both mammalian and bacterial carbohydrate active enzymes for glycan remodelling applications.

Scientific Director
Lara Mahal Dr. Mahal is currently the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Glycomics at the University of Alberta. An expert in glycomics and systems-based approaches to understand glycan regulation and function, she developed lectin microarray technology. This technology provides a high-throughput method for glycomics that is now widely applied to understand systems from clinical cancer research to host-pathogen interactions. She is also known for her work on microRNA regulation of glycosylation.

Associate Director Clinical Partnerships

Administrative Centre

Acting under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, GlycoNet’s Administrative Centre is located on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton, AB, Canada. The administration team is responsible for implementing the strategic plan of GlycoNet, administering programs and activities, arranging for disbursement of Network funds, preparing financial and other annual reports as required, and providing administrative support to the Board of Directors, Network Committees, and Network management. 

Ali Chou Ali implements GlycoNet’s communications strategy and help highlight the positive impact of GlycoNet’s funded projects. She previously worked as scientist at an Edmonton-based biotechnology start-up where she led and promoted research projects that showed commercialization potential.

Communications Associate

Claude Larrivee Aboussafy
Administrative & Research Coordinator

Cécile McNeil With over 20 years of progressive accounting experience, Cécile has worked in various industries, including biotech, education and healthcare. She is primarily responsible for monitoring and managing GlycoNet’s financial transactions, including coordination with the Finance Departments of the Network’s partner institutions. Cécile also assists with budgeting, annual planning and forecasting.

Financial Administrator

Rui Resendes
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Karli Stein Karli is the point of contact for reimbursements, travel and accommodation bookings, and is responsible for the organization of GlycoNet Board and Committee meetings and events. Karli has extensive experience in both administrative work and in the property management industry.

Lead Administrative Assistant


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