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GlycoNet is incorporated as a not-for-profit entity with its administrative office at the University of Alberta. The management and governance structure provides an effective, accountable framework to support and achieve Network objectives. This page explains the responsibilities of our Board of Directors, Committees, Advisory Board as well as our members.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs GlycoNet and has ultimate accountability for all Network activities. The Board is comprised of 15 voting directors, and is chaired by Mr. Frank Gleeson. The Network Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Board. The Board oversees the management, strategic direction and financial accountability of the Network, and is responsible for nominating and reviewing the performance of the Scientific Director, approving the GlycoNet strategic plan and budget, and approving the resource allocation model and budget. The Directors reflect the interests of various stakeholders involved in GlycoNet, and includes members from the private sector, GlycoNet partners, and Network members. 

Executive Committee, Finance & Audit Committee, and Nominating Committee

The Board is assisted in its duties by three subcommittees: the Executive Committee, the Finance & Audit Committee, and the Nominating Committee. 

Scientific Advisory Board

To ensure that GlycoNet’s science is of a truly global standard, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is in place to assist with project evaluation. The SAB is comprised of internationally-recognized leaders in glycomics, and contributes strategic advice on the Network’s scientific direction by evaluating new research proposals and monitoring the performance of ongoing Network projects.

Commercialization Committee

The Commercialization Committee helps to identify projects with high translational potential and works to position them for commercial success.

Research Management Committee

The Research Management Committee (RMC) oversees the research and development portfolio and provides recommendations to the Board of Directors on funding support and strategic research issues. The RMC makes funding recommendations on GlycoNet projects that are guided by the overall strategic plan and regularly monitors the progress of existing projects.

Training Committee and GlycoNet Trainee Association Executive Committee

The Training Committee and the GTA Executive Committee inform and approve decisions regarding the Network’s training program.

GlycoNet's governance structure.
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