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Comité de Commercialisation et du Legs

Le Comité de Commercialisation et du Legs aide à identifier les projets ayant un potentiel de translation, engage des partenaires, conseille sur la protection de la propriété intellectuelle (PI) et dirige les stratégies de commercialisation, en plus de développer et de mettre en œuvre le plan de succession de GlycoNet.

Membres du Comité

Samuel Abraham
Samuel currently serves as a Strategic Advisor to Western Economic Diversification, and as a board member to Inspire Health, the Institute for Health Systems Transformation and Sustainability, and the Vancouver Prostate Centre, as well as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Quest Pharma and as a Key Opinion Leader for Quark Venture Inc.

Conseiller stratégique,
Diversification de l'économie de l'Ouest Canada
Christine Charette
Christine is an accomplished, results oriented life science executive with over 25 years of investment, advisory, business development and marketing experience. She is an expert in translating scientific data into market potential and concrete company strategy. Most recently Managing Partner and Founder of Scientia Advisors and Investments where she advised and facilitated fundraising for emerging life sciences companies, Christine has extensive experience in capital markets, strategic planning and analysis.

Partenaire de gestion,
Scientia Advisors
John Holyoake
John joined Bloom Burton & Co. in January 2012. At Bloom Burton, John’s responsibilities include M&A advisory, licensing advisory and monetization planning, as well as conducting technical and commercial due diligence on companies across all healthcare sectors. John’s area of expertise spans early-stage technologies to profitable healthcare service companies, with a particular focus on preclinical-stage biotech.

Bloom Burton & Co.
Digvir Jayas
Before assuming the position of Vice President Research and International, Dr. Jayas held the position of Vice President Research for 2 years and Associate Vice-President Research for 8 years. Dr. Jayas held a Canada Research Chair in Stored-Grain Ecosystems for seven years. He conducts research related to drying, handling and storing grains and oilseeds and digital image processing for grading and processing operations in the Agri-Food industry.

Vice-président pour la recherche et l’international,
Université du Manitoba
David Rabuka
David Rabuka received a PhD in chemistry at the UC Berkeley as a Chevron Fellow in the lab of Carolyn Bertozzi. His research included developing and applying the SMARTagTM platform technology to cell surface modification. Prior to joining Bertozzi’s lab, David worked at the Burnham Institute synthesizing complex glycans followed by Optimer Pharmaceuticals, where he focused on the development of glycan and macrolide based antibiotics. He was CSO, President and co-founder of Redwood Bioscience where he continued to develop novel protein conjugation methods and biotherapeutic applications such as antibody-drug conjugates. 

Acrigen Biosciences
Stephanie White
Stephanie is an accomplished patent professional with a proven track record of building and maximizing the value of her clients’ intellectual property assets. Stephanie has over 17 years of experience in patent portfolio development and IP counseling, where she is skilled in integrating IP strategy with business strategy. Stephanie’s practice concentrates on the protection of chemical and biochemical technologies in various industry sectors, including cleantech, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical device, life sciences, oil & gas and alternative energy.

Kirby IP Canada
Kaley Wilson
Dr. Wilson is currently the Director of Business Development at Quark Venture, a Vancouver based venture capital group that invests globally in health science. Investing out of the $500M USD Global Health Sciences Fund, Dr. Wilson works closing with Quark’s Executive Team to identify and diligence potential investment opportunities.

Directeur, Développement des affaires,
Quark Venture


Elizabeth Nanak Dr. Nanak is the Network’s Executive Director. Dr. Nanak was involved in the GlycoNet initiative since the Letter of Intent stage and served as the Associate Director, Business for the Alberta Glycomics Centre from 2007–2015. Prior to her position with the Centre, she worked as a manager of large-scale and multi-institutional projects with Genome Prairie. In addition to her PhD in biochemistry, Elizabeth has an MBA in biotechnology management.

Warren Wakarchuk
Dr. Wakarchuk is a Professor from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. The Wakarchuk lab investigates the structure and function of the enzymes which make and degrade various glycoconjugates. This work has been enabling the chemo-enzymatic synthesis of bioactive glycoconjugates both in the laboratory and for industrial projects. The Wakarchuk lab has expertise with both mammalian and bacterial carbohydrate active enzymes for glycan remodelling applications.

Directeur scientifique,
Stewart Fast Dr. Fast is a Senior Program Manager at the Networks of Centres of Excellence Secretariat. He is GlycoNet`s liaison to the tri-council funding agencies with the dual role of support and oversight on program rules. Prior to joining NCE, Stewart was Research Director at the University of Ottawa`s Institute for Science, Society and Policy. He holds a PhD in Human Geography.

Chef de programme principal,
Réseaux de centres d'excellence

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