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Comité des Finances et de Vérification

Le Comité des Finances et de Vérification supervise les décisions relatives au budget, aux dépenses et au financement et vérifie l'intégrité des états financiers, la conformité légale et l'utilisation des principes comptables généralement reconnus.

Membres du Comité

Christine Charette Christine is an accomplished, results oriented life science executive with over 25 years of investment, advisory, business development and marketing experience. She is an expert in translating scientific data into market potential and concrete company strategy. Most recently Managing Partner and Founder of Scientia Advisors and Investments where she advised and facilitated fundraising for emerging life sciences companies, Christine has extensive experience in capital markets, strategic planning and analysis.

Partenaire de gestion,
Scientia Advisors
Karimah Es Sabar A highly-recognized Canadian life sciences leader, Karimah Es Sabar brought 30 years of dynamic global business experience to her role as President and CEO of The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She previously held the position of Senior Vice-President, Business and Strategic Affairs at CDRD, responsible for ensuring the organization’s long-term sustainability, while leading its business functions and successfully building the many national and international alliances and strategic partnerships which are now contributing significantly to advancing the goals of CDRD.

PDG et Partenaire,
Quark Venture Inc.
Michael Lorimer Michael has 20 years of healthcare industry experience in Canada and the US in management consulting, investment banking, equity research, and business development. He has held senior positions and roles with Euro Pacific Canada, Medwell Capital, Desjardins Securities, HSBC Global, Scotia Capital, Ernst & Young, and MCI Medical. He has successfully managed/executed over 50 strategic advisory assignments for range of healthcare clients in North America, including multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical device and diagnostic companies, hospital networks, and contract service organizations.

Directeur général,
Echelon Wealth Partners
Todd Lowary Dr. Lowary is currently a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta. Group research interests are focused in the areas of carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry, in particular as these fields relate to bacterial glycans. Recognitions include an EWR Steacie Memorial Fellowship and the Bernard Belleau Award from the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC). In 2011 he and four colleagues were co-recipients of the Brockhouse Canada Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering from NSERC.

Directeur scientifique,
Kirk Rockwell Kirk is a project and operations manager with more than 15 years of experience managing technology and innovation initiatives, across a broad range of sectors in partnership with academia, all levels of government, and some of Canada’s largest companies. Within an arm’s length provincial government agency, he had responsibility for investment of public funds into research and innovation projects across multiple sectors and technologies including oil and gas, environment, agriculture, pipelines, forestry and health.

Directeur général des opérations,
Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute
Stewart Roth Stewart is a successful Edmonton businessman with broad experience in the chemical industry. He is the past Chair of the Alberta Hospital Edmonton Foundation, Director of Northeast Capital Industrial Association (NCIA), Chair of NCIA Education Committee, and a member of Synergy Networks in Edmonton.

Président/Directeur général,
Guardian Chemicals Inc.


Elizabeth Nanak Dr. Nanak is the Network’s Executive Director. Dr. Nanak was involved in the GlycoNet initiative since the Letter of Intent stage and served as the Associate Director, Business for the Alberta Glycomics Centre from 2007–2015. Prior to her position with the Centre, she worked as a manager of large-scale and multi-institutional projects with Genome Prairie. In addition to her PhD in biochemistry, Elizabeth has an MBA in biotechnology management.

Warren Wakarchuk Dr. Wakarchuk is a Professor from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. The Wakarchuk lab investigates the structure and function of the enzymes which make and degrade various glycoconjugates. This work has been enabling the chemo-enzymatic synthesis of bioactive glycoconjugates both in the laboratory and for industrial projects. The Wakarchuk lab has expertise with both mammalian and bacterial carbohydrate active enzymes for glycan remodelling applications.

Directeur scientifique associé,

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