API partners with GlycoNet to build innovation and commercialization opportunities across Canada

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GlycoNet’s 150 researchers in 34 institutions across Canada will benefit from enhanced commercialization capacity through API; and in turn, the partnership will significantly enrich API’s ability to support companies with innovations in glycomics.

EDMONTON, AB, February 4, 2020 – Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) and the Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet) have established a Memorandum of Understanding to combine strengths at the intersection of drug development and glycomics while sharing expertise, partner networks, sector knowledge, access to facilities and infrastructure, as well as the power of students and trainees to build capacity, and facilitate commercialization of research.

Both institutions have spun out of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta as not-for-profit entities contributing to the burgeoning life sciences sector in Alberta. With complementary mandates to contribute scientifically in their respective areas of expertise, train the next generation of researchers and innovators, encourage innovation and bring life-saving health solutions to the Canadian public, the API/GlycoNet partnership is both a logical and exciting endeavor.

“API brings a much needed mechanism for academia in developing translational research, allowing innovators at universities to bring their research to the market in a cost-effective manner”, says GlycoNet’s Executive Director, Dr. Elizabeth Nanak. “Our trainees will also see the benefit of being able to work in an industrial lab setting, unlocking completely new career paths for them in the commercial life sciences sector.”

“These sorts of partnerships are at the core of what API does,” says API CEO, Andrew MacIsaac, “we’re working to provide GlycoNet with expertise and capacity to develop the potential of their research beyond the early proof-of-concept stage, past the complex regulatory and development hurdles, all the way to the patients who need them.”

The agreement also expands the capacity of API. “GlycoNet brings world leading expertise that we can provide to innovators, spinoffs, and industry through API”, says MacIsaac, “When attracting commercial research projects and investment to Alberta, and Canada, having a partner like GlycoNet in our corner is a huge added value.”

In the coming months and years API and GlycoNet will work together to empower innovators and industries in Alberta, Canada, and around the world.

About the Canadian Glycomics Network

En 2015, le milieu de la recherche en glycomique s’est mobilisé en fondant le Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet) grâce aux fonds provenant du programme fédéral des Réseaux de centres d’excellence dirigés par l’entreprise [RCE-E] et plusieurs partenaires. Aujourd’hui, le réseau compte plus de 150 chercheurs œuvrant dans 34 établissements partout au Canada, et bénéficie du soutien de plus de 140 partenaires. Depuis sa fondation, GlycoNet a beaucoup approfondi notre connaissance du rôle que jouent les glucides par rapport à des maladies graves et à la recherche de traitements pour y remédier. Consultez le site de GlycoNet pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements : glyconet.ca.

About Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

API is a not-for-profit that works in collaboration with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as research and post-secondary institutions across Canada. API draws on an interdisciplinary network of over 30 pharmaceutical scientists, clinicians, regulatory, patent, and market experts in a variety of fields and disease areas to bring life-saving research to the real world. API provides a framework to support industry projects in a manner that keeps IP with the company, is regulatory compliant, and moves at a commercial pace. Learn more about API at appliedpharma.ca. For more information or a media kit please contact:

Christy Urban, VP Strategic Development
Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

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