At GlycoNet, our mission is to improve the quality of life through glycomics.

We leverage our national platform to develop drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and biomaterials—pushing the boundaries of science to create sustainable one-health solutions.

Learn how GlycoNet is advancing technologies and innovations for Canadians

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Find an expert: enabling solutions for industry challenges

GlycoCAN: the only pan-Canadian entity providing services for glycomics R&D

Science at GlycoNet

Some of the most cutting-edge technologies and research are happening here at GlycoNet. Find out how GlycoNet is catalyzing innovations for our people and our society.

The next frontier for global pharma

At GlycoNet, we believe in multip-pronged network approach to employ top talents to study sophisticated carbohydrates in the biological systems in search of methods to prevent, diagnose, and treat patients. 

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