GlycoNet launches equity, diversity, and inclusion program to achieve a more diverse and productive research community

EDMONTON, Alberta (February 17, 2021) – Evidence shows that increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in research environments enhance creativity, productivity, and excellence. Today, GlycoNet announced the launch of its Diversity & Inclusion Bootcamp, a training program in partnership with Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) that will help researchers integrate EDI into every aspect of their research programs and work culture.

“This is truly an exciting move for GlycoNet and the research ecosystem. As we recognize that EDI policies and practices strengthen the future of Canadian bioeconomy, we are committed to advancing EDI in research, including the production of knowledge, equitable access to funding opportunities, and the inclusive participation of all stakeholders,” said Dr. Elizabeth Nanak, CEO, GlycoNet.

“GlycoNet is successful because of its people,” said Dr. Warren Wakarchuk, Scientific Director, GlycoNet. “EDI is all about people and making sure that we capture all the human potential to achieve our research goals. We are starting a culture change that will benefit towards research innovations and help all our members feel valued and respected. This training program is the first step to help our network members understand the basics. I am looking forward to working towards integration of EDI into GlycoNet.”

The Diversity & Inclusion Bootcamp aims to provide a robust, shared understanding of diversity and inclusion, as well as tackling one of the most pervasive barriers to inclusion in research environments: conscious and unconscious bias. The Bootcamp is available to participants from GlycoNet, including Board and Committee members, Network Investigators, and trainees. The new offerings are modern, topical, and relevant, and are designed for learners who are comfortable in online learning environments.

“I am pleased to see the launch of this program at GlycoNet,” said Dr. Nils Petersen, Chair of GlycoNet’s EDI Committee. “I sincerely hope that our members will embrace this opportunity to broaden the understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion because, in addition to enhancing the creativity, productivity, and excellence, it makes our workplace a better and safer place for the interactions with our colleagues. This is called a Bootcamp since it is just the beginning of our collective work, but it is an important first step.”

All Network members can now access the course through the GlycoNet Forum ici..

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