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Solving blood supply shortage with glycomics

GlycoNet Investigators study the sugars on red blood cells to find ways to make universal donor blood

GlycoNet start-up listed as top 10 therapeutics start-ups and companies in Edmonton

48Hour Discovery shows exceptional innovation, growth, management, and societal impact, according to BestStartup.

GlycoNet Investigator develops new chemistry to facilitate drug development and manufacturing

The collaborative project is partnered with CQDM, Simon Fraser University, Amgen, Merck, and Servier.

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Carbohydrate ‘cage’ allows precise drug delivery to inflammation site in the gastrointestinal tract

A GlycoCage technology developed by GlycoNet researchers aims to improve current treatments for inflammatory bowel disease

Pooling Canadian innovation efforts to make breakthrough discoveries

Scientific collaboration yields new hope for children affected by rare blood disorder

GlycoNet Investigator meets the Parliamentary Health Research Caucus to present glycomics research

Dr. Yves St-Pierre shared how glycomics could help develop a new-generation cancer immunotherapy.

GlycoNet announces 15 projects awarded as part of its Glycomics Training Program

Trainees will receive support and resources while advancing glycomics research in areas such as antimicrobials, drug discovery, immune response, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases

GlycoNet Investigator received McGill’s Principal’s Prize for Public Engagement Through Media

From offering policy advice to sharing his expertise on COVID-19 with the media and public, Dr. Donald Sheppard is recognized a role model with his achievement in engaging with the broader community

GlycoNet and BridgeBio Pharma Inc. initiate collaboration to discover potential treatments for genetic diseases through glycomics research

Genetic disease research has benefitted substantially from the study of glycomics, which relates to the functions of glycans, or sugar, in biological systems

GlycoNet researchers discover how a plaque-fighting protein protects against Alzheimer’s

Research highlights potential pathway for new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases

GlycoNet Investigator featured in “100 Lives of Insulin” project

Dr. Mike Riddell has spent his career looking at ways to make diabetes easier and safer for those who are living with it. He talks about the why and how behind it.

Canadian Glycomics Network launches Call for Proposals for glycomics projects to address fundamental health challenges in Canada

The Network will commit $1.8 million in glycomics to support made-in-Canada health innovations and build a sustainable national bioeconomy

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