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Profil du Réseau

Sweet science: Sugar research gets $20M stronger

GlycoNet’s Associate Director Clinical Partnerships, Dr. Lara Mahal, is bringing personalized health care to reality.


Two GlycoNet Investigators named to Royal Society of Canada

From pioneering carbohydrate synthesis to studying aging and immunity, these GlycoNet researchers are recognized by the country’s oldest and most prestigious scholarly institute.

Points saillants de la recherche

Using health economics to find a better way to screen for prostate cancer

GlycoNet scientists aim to change the way we diagnose the disease with a new blood test.


GlycoNet’s Executive Director promoted to Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Elizabeth Nanak will take GlycoNet to the next phase of improving the health of Canadians through scientific knowledge and technologies built upon glycoscience.


GlycoNet-affiliated startup wins invitation to Government of South Korea’s K-Startup Grand Challenge

Edmonton-based biotech 48Hour Discovery is invited to travel to Pangyo Technoo Valley, the Korean version of the Silicon Valley, to expand their technology into the Asian market.

Communiqué de presse

GlycoNet Investigator’s new process fast-tracks drug treatments for viral infections and cancer

Discovering antiviral and anticancer drugs will soon be faster and cheaper thanks to new research from GlycoNet Investigator Dr. Robert Britton at Simon Fraser University and his international team.

Communiqué de presse

Plantform partners with GlycoNet’s Associate Scientific Director for a more effective COVID-19 serology test

The partnership, funded by NSERC Alliance Grant, will support Dr. Warren Wakarchuk’s work on the role of O-glycans in triggering immune response.


The Canadian Glycomics Network names new Director of Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Rui Resendes will develop business opportunities and build strategic partnerships to advance Network research priorities.

Points saillants de la recherche

Helping our immune system bypass antibiotic resistance

GlycoNet scientists are searching for ways to weaken bacteria’s ability to develop resistance.

Communiqué de presse

GlycoNet Investigators leverage Network project to receive $1.15M in funding for breast cancer research

Funding will enable Drs. Yves St-Pierre, David Chatenet, and Nicolas Doucet to develop a revolutionary immunotherapy against breast cancer.

Points saillants de la recherche

New family of enzymes reveals the Achilles’ heel of fungal pathogens

GlycoNet scientists share findings that could lead to therapeutics to treat fungal infections.


GlycoNet Investigator honoured with prestigious award from the Canadian Society of Microbiologists

Dr. Lori Burrows received the 2020 CSM Murray Award for career achievement.


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