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Relations avec les médias

GlycoNet dans l’Actualité

Dans le segment Health Matters de Global Edmonton, la PDG de GlycoNet, Elizabeth Nanak, et le PDG de 48Hour Discovery, Ratmir Derda, ont partagé comment la recherche en glycomique stimule de nouvelles solutions de santé et accélère la découverte de médicaments (23 mars 2022).

Chercheurs de GlycoNet dans l'actualité

Medicago’s homegrown, plant-based COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada

“We will, in the next several months, know how well our vaccine did against Omicron,” the company’s medical officer, Dr. Brian Ward, told CBC News, citing ongoing company trials. (CBC News, February 2022)

How a protein in our brains could protect us from Alzheimer

Dr. Matthew Macauley talked to CBC Radio Active about a promising promising development in the battle against the disease (CBC Radio Active with Adrienne Pan, December 2019)

UBC research brings us one step closer to universal blood

UBC researchers have found what could be a game changer for blood donation.They have identified gut enzymes that can turn any type of blood into the universally usable type “O.” (Global News, June 2019)

Solving the superbug: McGill team dedicated to fighting human health threat

Dr. Don Sheppard, co-director and founder of MI4 spoke to CTV Montreal about the initiative and its goals to control and evolve around Superbugs. (CTV Montreal, May 2019)

Chargement de glucides: les professeurs de sciences de la région d'Edmonton retournent à l'école pour suivre des cours sur les glucides

High school teachers were on the other side of the classroom with the chance to play with the research on carbohydrates. (Edmonton Journal, December 2018)

Made to measure sugar-like molecule could improve cancer-fighting antibodies

Dr. Robert Britton has embarked on an ambitious project to develop carbohydrate mimics to assist cancer therapies. (Medical Xpress, May 2018)

U of A professors research link between proteins and Alzheimer’s

A protein found in the human brain may be the key to treating Alzheimer’s disease. (Global News, January 2018)

dr karla williams

CKUA Innovation Anthology: Interview with Dr. Karla Williams

A simple blood test to detect aggressive prostate cancer is on the path to commercialization.

CKUA Innovation Anthology: Interview with Dr. Stephen Withers

A compound in the plant holds the key to treating blood spikes in diabetic patients. (Photo source: Source: MSL)

CKUA Innovation Anthnology: Interview with Dr. Jason Acker and Dr. Robert Ben

Researchers found molecules to prevent ice crystals from forming, thus protecting cells from damage during cryopreservation.

Edmonton startup wants to put Alberta at epicentre of molecular discoveries

Biochemist and 48Hour Discovery founder Ratmir Derda hopes the Edmonton-based company will become “the next molecular Google.” (Edmonton Journal, December 2017)

2017 ASTech Award Winner: Science, Dr. Lori J. West

First-of-its-kind procedure opens door for hundreds more

Enzymes that make superbugs vulnerable

GlycoNet researchers discover enzymes that can aid pulmonary infections and chronic wounds. (Nature Podcast)

Canadian breakthrough against a deadly fungus

Canadian researchers have discovered the defence mechanism of the often deadly fungus and are developing ways to fight it by using its own defences against it. (Radio Canada International, November 2015)

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