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GlycoNet has centralized research facilities to provide rapid and economical access to pure research compounds for researchers’ needs. Our Synthetic Core Services have an extensive collection of pure, characterized carbohydrates and we provide expedient synthesis and analytical services with discounts to Network Investigators.
We furnish building blocks, glycans and fragments, specialized linkers, tailor-made molecules, oligosaccharide-protein conjugates, and much more. We accept projects from academic and industrial clients.

Collection of Carbohydrates and Enzymes

We have over 900 compounds in our collection, all of which are carefully synthesized and fully analyzed by NMR and mass spectrometry to assure purity and quality. Free compounds suitable for screening experiments are offered on an as-is basis, and we can provide further analysis, functionalization, and assembly into larger structures. Below are some examples of compounds in our collection:

Last updated: Feb 20, 2021

Example of compounds in our collection

In addition to compounds, we have an inventory of carbohydrate-active enzyme plasmids, including glycosidases, transferases, kinases, mutases, synthases, and fluorescent proteins. Currently, over 75 constructs are in stock and are free for GlycoNet members.

Custom Synthesis

We supply our clients with custom-made molecules for their product development and project needs using our top-flight instruments and methods:
  • High field NMR spectrometers equipped with cryo-probes
  • FIA-ESI, LC-ESI-MS, and MALCI mass spectrometers
  • Normal phase and reverse phase preparative scale HLPC systems
  • Large-scale rotary evaporation
  • Automated peptide synthesis
  • Enzyme expression and purification
Below are some examples of our custom synthesis.
Gram-scale sialosides
Mimetics and probes
carbohydrate-protein conjugates

Automated Glycan Assembly

Using Glyconeer 2.1, we offer our clients unparalleled access to a variety of glycan structures on a photo-cleavable solid support. Stepwise regiospecific chain elongation is achieved with standard glycosyl donor types and protecting groups. Building blocks (thioglycoside, imidate, phosphates) are sourced in-house or commercially on a cost-recovery basis. Excess building blocks and reagents may be recovered and recycled.
Automated glycan synthesis
Glyconeer 2.1 system

Photo-cleavage with 305 nm UV light in a flow reactor affords fully protected oligomers suitable for normal-phase high performance liquid chromatography. We use broad gradient elution conditions to isolate protected compounds from side products, ensuring subsequent global deprotection and functionalization start with pure materials.

Flow reactor
Broad elution profile

Analytical Services

We provide services in extraction, purification, structure characterization, and binding interactions of all carbohydrates including polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, and glycoconjugates. We address any specific question by developing custom approaches with the following analytical technologies:
  • Caractérisation de routine des échantillons d'oligosaccharides pour le contrôle de la qualité et l'analyse
  • Détermination de structure complexe, y compris l'analyse conformationnelle à haute résolution et l’analyse de complexes protéine-glucide
  • RMN 1D/2D (300, 400, 500, 600, 700 MHz), RMN STD
  • Analyse de composition (stoechiométrie) de polysaccharides
  • Séquençage d’oligosaccharides et de glycanes
  • Détermination de structures de glycanes rares ou modifiées
  • Résonance plasma de surface (BIAcore)
  • Microcalorimétrie

Molecular Modeling

Our team is specialized in molecular dynamics of glycoproteins and protein-carbohydrate complexes using various software and tools including GLYCAM and Gaussian. Contact us for any specific topic. We can study any question on the base of a non-disclosure agreement.

Ligand Discovery

48Hour Discovery Inc. is a spin-off company in February 2017 with the support of GlycoNet. Using a proprietary platform technology, 48Hour Discovery rapidly sorts through libraries containing billions of genetically-encoded peptides to find the best candidates, data, and information for targeted drug development. The company provides open data accessibility for researchers in academia and industry that other platform competitors do not provide.
Workflow of 48Hour Discovery
For more information or to request a quote, please contact the Core Services at Please mention whether you are a GlycoNet member to receive special rates for our services.

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