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Association des Stagiaires

L’Association des Stagiaires de GlycoNet (GTA, GlycoNet Trainee Association) est composée d’étudiants, de boursiers postdoctoraux, de techniciens et d’associés de recherche affiliés au Réseau Canadien de Glycomique.

GlycoNet Trainee Association Executive Committee

The GTA Executive Committee (GTA-EC) represents the interests of all members of the Association. In addition to providing a trainee perspective to the GlycoNet training program, the Committee facilitate networking events and meetings, contribute to Network communications, and work to promote GlycoNet to the broader community. The GTA-EC meets regularly to discuss ideas and issues that matter most to the next generation of Canadian glycoscientists, and to help ensure that GlycoNet trainees have access to a diverse set of opportunities during their time in the Network.

The GTA 2019-2020 Executive Committee (GTA-EC)
Ryan Sweeney

The chair of GTA-EC enforces the terms of reference of the Trainee Association. They are the offiical spokesperson of the GTA. The chair of GTA-EC sits as a member of the GlycoNet’s Training Committee as the GTA’s representative.

Vice President
Nolan Frame

The Vice President is responsible for the coordination of the activities of the Trainee Association and serves as the official spokesperson in conjunction with the president.

Akay Akohwarien

The secretary maintains and manages the records of the Association and assists the chair to perform Association duties, including meeting documentations and Association correspondence. 

Communications Officer
Revathi Reddy

The Communications Officer is responsible for all matters that pertain to internal and external communications of the Trainee Association. They maintain awareness of the members in the Association and assist information sharing with the trainees.

Symposium Committee Representative
Emily Rodrigues

The Symposium Committee Representative is responsible for the coordination for the professional development and trainee activities of the annual Canadian Glycomics Symposium. The Representative sits as a member of the GlycoNet’s Symposium Committee as the GTA’s voice.

William Scott

Members-at-large is responsible for liaising between the GTA-EC and the members of the Association. They fulfill requirements as delegated by the Executive Committee and address overall Association goals.

Ryan Sweeney • Chair

I obtained my B.Sc. in Chemistry from The Ohio State University in 2011. While there, I performed undergraduate research with Professor Christopher Callam, which jump-started my love for carbohydrate synthesis and biochemistry. In 2012, I moved to Canada, where I completed my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry under the supervision of Professor Todd Lowary from the University of Alberta in 2018. My Ph.D. project focused on the preparation of polyprenol pyrophosphate-based probes of lipopolysaccharide O-antigen biosynthesis from Klebsiella pneumoniae. I then moved west to the University of British Columbia, where I joined the laboratory of Professor Stephen Withers in 2018 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. My current research focuses on improving the understanding of, and developing new inhibitors for, α-amylases, particularly for human pancreatic α-amylase.

Nolan Frame • Vice President
I am a M.Sc candidate in department of Chemistry at the University of Guelph. I received a B.Sc in Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry also from the University of Guelph in 2018 My current research focuses on isolating and characterizing cell surface polysaccharides for further use a vaccine candidates. My research interests include organic synthesis, biopolymers, and nD-NMR techniques. In my spare time I like to be outdoors hiking, hunting, and fishing. I also enjoy watching hockey and skating.
Akay Akohwarien • Secretary
I am a research technician in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan. I have my B.Sc. in Chemistry (Major) and Environmental Studies (Minor) from Queen’s University and an M.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Saskatchewan. My M.Sc. research focused on the synthesis and kinetic analysis of conduritol aziridine inhibitors of GCase, an enzyme associated with Parkinson’s disease. After completing my degree in September 2019, I started work as a technician with Dr. Christopher Phenix. My current project focuses on developing novel conduritol aziridine compounds that would reversibly and irreversibly label GCase in vivo/ex vivo in mice models. I am interested in medicinal chemistry research that is translational and has the potential for practical applications in health care. When I am not working, I enjoy playing badminton, dancing, sharing a meal with friends, and spending time with neighbours in the inner-city of Saskatoon.
Revathi Reddy • Communications Officer
I did my undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India. In 2018, I moved to Edmonton to join the Derda Research Group to pursue my Masters in Chemical Biology at the Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta. My current research focuses on developing phage-display enabled newer and effective tools for serological diagnosis of infectious diseases. I am interested in Synthetic Biology and have been a part of the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition, Boston, MA, as a student in 2017 and a graduate student mentor in 2019. Outside of lab, I devote her non-academic time to drawing, designing, creative writing and tweeting. I also take a deep interest in the field of science communication and outreach.
Emily Rodrigues • Symposium Committee Representative

I am a Chemical Biology PhD student in Dr. Macauley’s lab in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta. Previously I have completed a MSc (Organic Chemistry) and BSc (Chemistry and Medinical Cell Biology) from the University of Western Ontario. My current research focuses on trying to identify natural sialic acid containing ligands for proteins found on immune cells, Siglecs. I also am designing a cell-based assay in order to test how modified sialic acid alters the binding to Siglecs. These will potentially increase the ability to treat certain diseases in which the immune system is used against us, such as in cancer and autoimmune diseases. Aside from the lab I enjoy curling and playing soccer.

William Scott • Members-At-Large

I’m currently a researcher assistant in the Joel Weadge Lab at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. I have an MsC in Biology where I spent time conducting microbiology and protein crystallography with proteins involved in the export of exopolysaccharides from the bacterial cell. In my spare time I do exercise, martial arts, and play soccer and hockey. Also I enjoy hiking and any sort of challenging physical activity.

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