Glycomics: The New Frontier in Bioinnovation

In our new report: Why glycomics, the study of sugars on cells, is at the centre of a new surge of scientific and industry interest.


Glycomics is the science of glycans—also called carbohydrates or sugars. In all living organisms—plants, animals, humans, even bacteria and viruses—glycans are vital to biological processes.

As with genomics 20 years ago, glycomics is at a critical stage, a tipping point. Glycomics is expected to generate explosive growth over the next decade in the biotechnology and pharma sectors.

GlycoNet has positioned Canada at the global forefront to deliver tangible, made-in-Canada solutions to pressing and emerging health and environmental challenges. Glycomics is already supporting Canada’s One Health solutions and sustainable development. Our report highlights why the field of glycomics holds so much potential, why Canada is poised to lead this new frontier in bioinnovation, and why now is the time to take advantage of existing momentum to fully realize Canada’s potential as a global leader in glycomics.

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