GlycoNet receives government funding to encourage confidence in vaccines across the country

Posted: September 21, 2021

The grant will help deliver reliable vaccine information and help Canadians make evidence-based decisions on vaccines

EDMONTON, Alberta (September 21, 2021) – Vaccines are tools for preventing infectious diseases and protecting individuals from getting severely sick. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, complex factors influence the decision to accept vaccines. It is important to develop reliable sources of evidence and cultivate science literacy skills to inform Canadians about vaccines.

GlycoNet, a globally recognized pan-Canadian glycomics research and bio-innovation organization, is one of the 48 organizations across Canada receiving the “Encouraging vaccine confidence in Canada” PromoScience grant, which is administered by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Through this grant, GlycoNet will work with its partner, the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (CMASTE), to support national vaccine literacy and education through K-12 classroom tools and interactive digital campaigns.

“Vaccine confidence is critical to the health of Canadian and international communities,” says Dr. Warren Wakarchuk, Scientific Director at GlycoNet. “As a science-backed and evidence-based national research network, we are leveraging our expertise and partnerships to deliver research-informed educational resources and social media campaigns on vaccine to K-12 teachers with explicit links to local, provincial, and territorial curricula. Teachers will be equipped with materials to implement the resources into their own classrooms and to share with their peers. These outreach activities will make science knowledge more accessible to Canadians, assisting them to make informed decisions regarding vaccines.”

Since 2015, GlycoNet has spearheaded a national outreach program that leverages K-12 teachers to educate their colleagues and students about how glycomics research is relevant to K-12 science curriculum. In partnership with CMASTE, 44 secondary school resources were developed through a collaboration with GlycoNet research labs and local teachers in five different provinces. The resources were incorporated into professional development workshops—which included hands-on and digital activities, lab and facility tours, and presentations from GlycoNet researchers—and delivered to educators teaching in cities and rural communities. For more information about ready-to-use high school glycomics resources and GlycoNet’s past workshop activities, visit

Read the full announcement on NSERC Media Room.

About GlycoNet

GlycoNet is advancing and commercializing innovations in glycomics to improve human health and quality of life. GlycoNet is a one-stop global destination focused on developing new carbohydrate-based drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics, in collaboration with academic and industry organizations to address areas of unmet need through applied glycomics research. Funded by the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program and working with a range of industrial partners, the network includes over 170 researchers across Canada who focus on cancer, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases. This national platform supports translational research, protection of intellectual property, novel drug development, company formation and training. For more information, visit


The Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (CMASTE) is a long-standing educational research and development centre that specializes in the synthesis of research, knowledge translation, and outreach. CMASTE’s membership includes educational researchers and teacher educators who work with educational stakeholders to collaborate in science, mathematics, and technology education. CMASTE serves educational communities locally, nationally, and internationally.


Warren Wakarchuk
Scientific Director, GlycoNet

Kerry Rose
Project Manager, CMASTE

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