GlycoNet welcomes four new members to the Board of Directors

 Posted: 17 October, 2023

Dr. Obadiah Plante, Dr. Antonia Borovina, Dr. Rika Jolie and Dr. Hamed Ghanei have joined the GlycoNet Board of Directors

GlycoNet is pleased to announce four new members have joined its Board of Directors: Dr. Obadiah Plante, Dr. Antonia Borovina, Dr. Rika Jolie and Dr. Hamed Ghanei. As members of the Board, they will be responsible for the overall stewardship of GlycoNet, including strategic planning and board governance.

“Our new Board members bring a wide range of strengths which will help us advance our vision, mission and strategic directions” said CEO Dr. Elizabeth Nanak. “I am excited to work with the new Board members for the years to come.” 

Dr. Plante is the Sr. Director of Bacteriology in the infectious disease group at Moderna, where he leads and directs the bacteriology team in the discovery and early development of bacterial vaccines along with foundational research efforts aimed at advancing mRNA-encoded antibodies. In addition, Dr. Plante leads several vaccine programs in the Global Health space and has served as program leader for Covid COVID-19 antibody efforts.

Dr. Borovina is a Managing Director on the investment banking team at Bloom Burton where she leads the firm’s scientific ideation team and management consulting practice, providing clients with advice on scientific, clinical and capital markets strategy. Dr. Borovina has been with Bloom Burton since 2014 and has held several positions in the firm, most recently as an analyst on the equity research team, where she researched publicly traded healthcare companies and made investment recommendations. Prior to joining Bloom Burton, she gained business development experience while working for GeneYouIn, a direct-to-consumer genetic testing startup. Dr. Borovina currently serves on the Emerging Companies Advisory Board of BIOTECanada, the national biotechnology industry association.

Dr. Jolie is a highly accomplished veterinarian with a diverse academic and professional background. She obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Ghent, Belgium, and pursued further studies, including internships and research assistantships. Dr. Jolie’s extensive academic journey includes a residency in Swine Medicine and a PhD focusing on airborne contaminants’ impact on swine respiratory health. Over the past 12+ years, she has held significant roles at Pfizer Animal Health and Merck Animal Health, showcasing her expertise in the field and culminating in the completion of an Executive MBA. At Merck Animal Health, she has led pivotal roles, including heading the Global Swine division, shaping strategic direction and ensuring product alignment to meet global market needs.

Dr. Ghanei brings over 10 years of experience in business development and venture formation. He has a successful track record of managing and leading transactions with licensing and mergers and acquisitions deals worth over $1.5 billion. He has generated over 500 new business leads, resulting in portfolio expansions and increasing revenue potential by 800%. Dr. Ghanei has a deep knowledge of the various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, and he excels in building partnerships and leading cross-functional teams in complex projects.

“I am pleased to welcome our new Board members Dr. Plante, Dr. Borovina, Dr. Jolie and Dr. Ghanei,” said Ms. Karimah Es Sabar, Chair of the Board of Directors. “These individuals each bring a wealth of experience and particular expertise in their fields, which will add value to GlycoNet and the Board moving forward.

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