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Equipment and Services

The facility provides techniques and services that are developed and tailored for researchers who require assistance in glycomics. The facility is spread throughout seven nodes across Canada. It also houses one of the two 15 FT-ICR-MS instruments in Canada, as well as one of eight fully automated oligosaccharide synthesizers—The Glyconeer®—in the world.


Services and Techniques

If you have projects that require glycomics assistance, but the techniques are not listed on this page, please fill out the request form.

Service Technique/Equipment/Libraries Description
Glycan Screening

Q Exactive Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer
Q Exactive Orbitrap Classic-UHPLC with FD detector
Q Exactive Orbitrap Ultra High Mass Range
Mass photometer

  • Screen defined glycan library containing 400+ compounds (e.g. ABO and Lewis histo-group antigens, gangliosides, human milk, plant, and bacterial oligosaccharides) to study glycan interactions with client’s target proteins
  • Identify, characterize, and quantify protein-carbohydrate interactions in vivo
Analytical R&D Nano-ES
  • Characterize oligosaccharide samples
  • Analyze composition, linkage and size of polysaccharides
  • Profile and quantify carbohydrates in complex sample matrices
  • Determine structure of unusual or modified glycans
Carbohydrate Synthesis Automated glycan synthesis (Glyconeer 2.1)
Semipreparative chromatography
  • Custom synthesis
  • Provide services from probe molecule design to final purification
  • Example of carbohydrates for immediate purchase include: oligosaccharides, glycopeptides, building blocks, unusual sialosides and Kdo glycosides, human blood group antigens, sphingolipids, mimetics and enzyme probes, glycoconjugates. Check our Compound Catalogue HERE
Glycan-ligand Discovery Liquid Glycan Array (LiGA)
Lectin microarray with dual and single-color analysis
Catch-release MS assay
Liposomal Nanoparticles assay (ZetaSizer)
  • Profile protein-glycan interactions from whole cell/tissue and purified samples
  • Identify and quantify weak carbohydrate-protein interactions that are not typically detectable by other methods
Glycomics Drug Discovery & High-Throughput Screening Fully automated and enclosed platform for cell-based and target-based screening
High-content quantitative cell analysis (Cellomics VTi, Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro Systems)
Quantitative optical screening for cell-based kinetic assays (FLIPR)
  • Develop and validate novel target or cell-based assays
  • High-content image-based assays including cell painting
  • Identify, confirm and develop hits
  • Uses in-house bioactive collections containing glycan libraries (65,000 compounds), natural product extracts (8,000 structures), drug-like small molecule libraries (147,000 compounds), gram negatives libraries, kinase inhibitor libraries, and others
  • In-suite cloud-based data management and analysis including batch corrections, curve fitting, hit filtering, and other analysis tasks
Biophysical & Structural Biology Analysis Microscale thermophoresis (Nanotempter Monolith)
Nano ITC (TA instruments)
Circular Dichroism (Jasco J-815 Spectropolarimeter)
Protein crystallization with liquid handling robot (Mosquito Crystal Gryphon LCP)
High-field NMR (Bruker 600 MHz equipped with helium cryoprobe)
  • Characterize and quantify biomolecular complexes and their molecular interactions
  • Crystallize protein complexes with glycans
  • NMR is suitable for high-throughput screening
Molecular Glycobiology Streptomyces strains
Plasmid constructs
Molecular archives (cDNA, shRNA)
Carbohydrate-active enzyme repository
  • Express specialized glycosidases and carbohydrate-active enzymes
  • Optimize protein expression of in-house expression vectors
Tissue Culture & Cell Imaging Cell sorting (CyFlowTM Cube 6 V2m, BioSorter)
Collection of cell lines (human, mammalian, transgenic mouse)
Biosafety Level 2 Cell Culture Cabinets
High-content microscope (Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro Confocal Imaging System)
  • Study cell functions, gene expression, cellular cytotoxicity
  • Analyze microorganisms, single cells and microscopic particles
  • Maintain, store, develop, and experiment cell lines for clients
Microbial Glycome Analysis GC-MS (Agilent Technology Ensemble 5977B)
MALDI-TOF MS (Bruker UltrafleXtreme)
NMR (Bruker Ascend TM600 Hyphenated)
  • Extract biofilm polysaccharide
  • Analyze structure of microbial glycans
Glycoengineering Specialized E. coli strain with a dual plasmid system - optimization of glycoprotein expression
In vitro enzymatic remodelling of protein glycans
  • Reduce heterogeneity and improve consistency in glycosylation
  • Alter pharmacokinetic properties of glycosylated proteins


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