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Liquid Glycan Array

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The Central Dogma of Biology does not allow for the study of glycans using DNA sequencing. However, DNA encoding of glycans is possible using genetically-encoded glycan technology termed Liquid Glycan Array (LiGA) (Nature Chemical Biology 2021, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41589-021-00788-5). 

The LiGA platform can screen carbohydrate-binding properties of protein and cells using a library of barcoded virions (M13 bacteriophage) that display 30-1500 copies of glycans per virion. A LiGA is synthesized by chemical ligation of azido-modified glycans (in-house or user-supplied). Pulldown of the LiGA with lectins or cells,  followed by deep sequencing of the barcodes, decodes the binding interactions, including the optimal structure and the density, between glycans and the targets of interest. The results from glycan mapping are available on an open data cloud: http://ligacloud.ca/.

The LiGA is target agnostic and can measure the glycan-binding profile of proteins, cells in vitro and even cells in live animals. 


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