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Dr. Warren Wakarchuk appointed Scientific Director of GlycoNet

The new Scientific Director will be responsible for leading GlycoNet’s scientific strategy and the Network’s global leadership in glycoscience.

Research Highlight

Using plants to find new treatments for type 2 diabetes

GlycoNet researchers found more efficient ways to produce montbretin A, a potential anti-diabetes compound.


GlycoNet Investigator receives Canada’s highest honour for science and engineering research

Dr. Molly Shoichet is awarded the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering from NSERC.

Research Highlight

Sugars could be the key to an earlier test for breast cancer

GlycoNet scientists are looking for clues in sugars to develop early diagnostics for breast cancer.

Research Highlight

GlycoNet scientists develop new tools to study the immune system

New research lays foundation for future breakthroughs in fighting neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.


GlycoNet announces new Directors to the Board

Five new members from diverse backgrounds are elected to the Board.


Prime Minister announces reappointment of Canada’s top scientist

GlycoNet Investigator Dr. Mona Nemer will continue to promote science and its benefits for Canadians.


New GlycoNet Trainee Association Executive Committee announced

GlycoNet trainees will receive support to advance their professional development and promote their research activities.

Network Profile

Sweet science: Sugar research gets $20M stronger

GlycoNet’s Associate Director Clinical Partnerships, Dr. Lara Mahal, is bringing personalized health care to reality.

Research Highlight

The light at the end of the tunnel for heart failure

GlycoNet Investigators identified carbohydrate-derived molecules that may hold the key to preventing and treating the disease for which there is currently no cure.


Two GlycoNet Investigators named to Royal Society of Canada

From pioneering carbohydrate synthesis to studying aging and immunity, these GlycoNet researchers are recognized by the country’s oldest and most prestigious scholarly institute.

Research Highlight

Using health economics to find a better way to screen for prostate cancer

GlycoNet scientists aim to change the way we diagnose the disease with a new blood test.


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