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Top 10 Stories 2021

Top 10 stories from GlycoNet in 2021

A year in review in glycomics innovations.

Enzymes in bacteria found to have an unexpected taste for carbs

GlycoNet researchers studying complex enzymes gain insight into how some pathogens could potentially be targeted without antibiotics.

SARS-CoV-2 uses sugars to invade human cells, new study shows

Understanding the process could help scientists look out for new, more infectious variants, say GlycoNet researchers.

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New anti-diabetic treatment approved for human trials

A natural compound that slows the breakdown of starch could be used to develop a more pleasant treatment for managing Type 2 diabetes.

Announcing the new GlycoNet Trainee Association Executive Committee

The committee will support GlycoNet trainees in advancing their skills and knowledge through professional development activities.

GlycoNet Mini-Symposium gathered trainees from coast to coast

The event brought together trainees from Western, Central, and East Coast regions to network and exchange knowledge.

GlycoNet receives government funding to encourage confidence in vaccines across the country

The grant will help deliver reliable vaccine information to help Canadians make evidence-based decisions on vaccines.

GlycoNet joins national industry association to drive economic growth in the biotechnology sector

As a member of BIOTECanada’s network, GlycoNet aims to mobilize glycomics research into tangible and sustainable innovation for Canadians.

Innovative coating for blood vessels reduces rejection of transplanted organs

Knowledge in the sugars that coat blood vessels helps researchers find a way to reduce organ rejection.

Solving blood supply shortage with glycomics

GlycoNet Investigators study the sugars on red blood cells to find ways to make universal donor blood

GlycoNet start-up listed as top 10 therapeutics start-ups and companies in Edmonton

48Hour Discovery shows exceptional innovation, growth, management, and societal impact, according to BestStartup.

GlycoNet Investigator develops new chemistry to facilitate drug development and manufacturing

The collaborative project is partnered with CQDM, Simon Fraser University, Amgen, Merck, and Servier.

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