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GlycoNet releases its 2022-2023 Corporate Report

The report encapsulates a comprehensive overview of the network's achievements, breakthroughs, and collaborations in the field of glycomics throughout the past year. Within the report,

Senator Paula Simons gets the sweet scoop on GlycoNet and glycomics

Senator Paula Simons recently toured GlycoNet at the University of Alberta, exploring the realm of glycomics. The visit highlighted GlycoNet's pivotal role in advancing glycomics

GlycoNet researchers develop ‘ice inhibitors’ to protect cells during cryopreservation

New compounds could open more opportunities for vital medical treatments, organ and tissue transplants, and reproductive medicine.

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Dr. Brian Ward, McGill University

Decoding sugars: Harnessing glycomics to fight infectious diseases

GlycoNet scientists are expanding our knowledge of sugars to engineer new health solutions.
Attendees at the 2023 Canadian Glycomics Symposium

Sweet science in the spotlight at the 2023 Canadian Glycomics Symposium

Over 150 top researchers, industry experts, and emerging talent in glycomics recently gathered in Edmonton, Alberta to discuss advancements and the latest trends in glycomics.

Empowering scientists to drive One Health innovation globally

GlycoNet and its Integrated Services advance glycomics research and innovation towards new solutions.

GlycoNet and partners invest $1.7M in Canadian-led health research and bioinnovation

Five glycomics projects have been awarded funding to develop new tools, diagnostics and therapeutics to improve health for Canadians.

A Tour of the GlycoNet facilities with the Honourable Randy Boissonnault

A significant gathering of researchers, industry experts, and rising stars in glycomics recently took place in Edmonton, Alberta with the Honourable Randy Boissonnault, focusing on
Lisa Willis, Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences. Photo taken on May 11, 2021 in Quad in front of the CCIS building.

Cutting-edge research goes beyond skin deep

Finding that the skin of people with scleroderma makes a unique sugar, GlycoNet researcher Lisa Willis is developing a way to better identify those at

PlantForm and UBC researcher receive GlycoNet funds to develop novel treatment for Type-2 diabetes

PlantForm Corporation has teamed up with a University of British Columbia research group led by Dr. Joerg Bohlmann to develop a novel plant-based treatment option

Glycoengineering provides insight into new cancer immunotherapies

By remodelling sugars on cell surfaces, GlycoNet researchers aim to map the linkages between proteins in the immune system and sugars on cancer cells
Dr. Lori West

Redefining compatibility in organ transplantation

Applying a glycomics lens to the problem of organ donor-recipient compatibility, GlycoNet researcher Dr. Lori West is advancing the field of organ transplantation.

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