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GlycoNet and partners invest $7.7 million in Canadian health innovation

This investment will support state-of-the-art health research for Canada’s leading diseases, including cancer, diabetes, dementia, muscular dystrophy and universal donor blood.

Molecules with anti-inflammatory, restorative properties could be key to tackling neurodegenerative disease

GlycoNet researchers are studying a group of molecules that could provide insight into treating and monitoring neurodegenerative diseases.

GlycoNet researcher receives Scientific Achievement and Innovation Award

Dr. Ratmir Derda’s achievements were recently recognized with an award at BioAlberta’s 2021 Awards Gala.

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GlycoNet investigator presents game-changing glycomics research to the Parliamentary Health Research Caucus

Dr. Lori Burrows shared how glycomics research is being used to develop a more effective vaccine against turberculosis.

New research reveals clues to how antibodies get fine-tuned to fight infection

Scientists discover a cellular mechanism that may yield insights into improving vaccines and better understanding cancer and autoimmune diseases.

New educational resources bolster vaccine confidence, information literacy

GlycoNet received a NSERC PromoScience grant and partnered with the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education to develop resources that educators can use to teach the science behind vaccines and engage students in critical thinking.

New treatment could reduce tissue damage in Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients by as much as 50 per cent

A carbohydrate-derived drug shows promise as a treatment to slow progression of the most common form of muscular dystrophy.

Op-ed: Glycomics is the new frontier in bioinnovation

Read about the future of glycomics in this op ed by GlycoNet board chair Karimah Es Sabar, republished from the Hill Times. Canada has a tremendous opportunity with continued investment in glycomics to establish global leadership and economic prosperity while at the same time solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges in health and environmental sustainability.

Glycomics: The New Frontier in Bioinnovation

In our new report: Why glycomics, the study of sugars on cells, is at the centre of a new surge of scientific and industry interest.

confocal image of a microglia cell in homeostatic conditions

Making strides in Alzheimer’s research

GlycoNet researchers have made exciting advances in understanding Alzheimer’s disease and are developing a potential therapeutic strategy.

Top 10 Stories 2021

Top 10 stories from GlycoNet in 2021

A year in review in glycomics innovations.

Enzymes in bacteria found to have an unexpected taste for carbs

GlycoNet researchers studying complex enzymes gain insight into how some pathogens could potentially be targeted without antibiotics.

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