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UBC research brings us one step closer to universal blood

UBC researchers have found what could be a game changer for blood donation.They have identified gut enzymes that can turn any type of blood into the universally usable type “O.” (Global News, June 2019)

Carb loading: Edmonton-area science teachers go back to school for lessons on carbohydrates

High school teachers were on the other side of the classroom at the University of Alberta on Friday with the chance to play with the research on carbohydrates being done in their own backyard. (Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Vancouver Sun, December 2018)

Made to measure sugar-like molecule could improve cancer-fighting antibodies

Dr. Robert Britton has embarked on an ambitious project to develop carbohydrate mimics to assist cancer therapies by making them more selective in how they target and kill cancer cells. (Medical Xpress, May 2018)

U of A professors research link between proteins and Alzheimer’s

A protein found in the human brain may be the key to treating Alzheimer’s disease. (Global News, January 2018)

November CKUA’s Innovation Anthology  Program (audio files). Interviews with GlycoNet Network Investigators.
Interview with Dr. Karla Williams, Co-founder, GlyCa BioSciences Inc. 
Part 1 Part 2
Interview with Dr. Stephen Withers, Network Investigator, GlycoNet – Managing blood glucose levels for diabetics

Part 1

Part 2

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