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Research Highlight

Scientists find new way to attack antibiotic-resistant lung infections

  Enzymes used to break down the walls built by microbes By Amina Zafar, CBC News Canadian scientists have discovered a possible way to break through the …

Press Release

Finding the right molecule in a haystack of life–saving possibilities

Developing a new drug starts with identifying the molecule or “ligand” that can block the molecular target or “receptor” involved in a disease. Even with …

Research Highlight

GlycoNet scientists advance screening and therapeutic treatment of lysosomal storage diseases

By Anushka Jayasuriya & Chardelle Prevatt  Glycomics research has numerous applications in the treatment of rare genetic diseases, and one is in generating therapeutic proteins. …

Press Release

GlycoNet team helps find way to break through armour of dangerous biofilms

CTVNews.ca Staff Published Saturday, June 24, 2017 10:00PM EDT Last Updated Saturday, June 24, 2017 11:30PM EDT Not many Canadians have ever heard of “biofilms,” …

Research Highlight

GlycoNet scientist discusses novel biomarkers that aim to revolutionize care for prostate cancer patients

By Anushka Jayasuriya & Chardelle Prevatt – June 23, 2017 Prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canadian men, is currently screened using the …

Research Highlight

GlycoNet investigators establish glycoside hydrolases as potential biofilm disruptors

By Jennifer Doucet & Anushka Jayasuriya – June 23, 2017 Microbes, including bacteria and fungi, have many tools to evade a host cell’s defenses and …


2017 Canadian Glycomics AGM and Symposium highlights

By Chardelle Prevatt – May 31, 2017 The second annual Canadian Glycomics AGM and Symposium, held from May 8 – 12, 2017, attracted more than …

Research Highlight

GlycoNet researchers help take first steps to treat recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer

By Chardelle Prevatt & Anushka Jayasuriya – May 31, 2017 In 2016, over 2,800 Canadian women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with 1,750 succumbing to the …

Research Highlight

GlycoNet scientist helps discover novel way to synthesize antibiotics

By Chardelle Prevatt – April 28, 2017 Antibiotics are drugs that either kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Therefore, antibiotics are used to treat …


GlycoNet investigator at uOttawa elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

By Chardelle Prevatt – April 28, 2017 GlycoNet investigator Dr. Mona Nemer, the University of Ottawa’s Vice-President, Research and a professor of biochemistry at the …

Press Release

GlycoNet RMC member Dr. Donald Vinh: The “Dr. House” Of Quebec In The Fight Against Rare Diseases

LAURIE NOREAU THE PRESS Nothing seems to be the test of [GlycoNet Research Management Committee (RMC) member] Dr. Donald Vinh. Especially not patients suffering from …


GlycoNet – CNTRP Collaborative Directions: Common Goals for Two Canadian Research Networks

GlycoNet and the CNTRP are pleased to share a new joint publication that captures current and future areas of research collaborations and enhanced synergy between the two …


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