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Solving blood supply shortage with glycomics

GlycoNet Investigators study the sugars on red blood cells to find ways to make universal donor blood

GlycoNet start-up listed as top 10 therapeutics start-ups and companies in Edmonton

48Hour Discovery shows exceptional innovation, growth, management, and societal impact, according to BestStartup.

GlycoNet Investigator develops new chemistry to facilitate drug development and manufacturing

The collaborative project is partnered with CQDM, Simon Fraser University, Amgen, Merck, and Servier.

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Canadian company blazes a new trail to drug development

A prime example of Canada’s success in the sub‑sector of the life sciences industry is 48Hour Discovery

Funding research toward treating the root cause of neurodegenerative disease

Professor and GlycoNet Investigator Simonetta Sipione’s research awarded major grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

New radiotracers could be key for new treatments and early detection for Parkinson’s

Nuclear medicine researcher and GlycoNet Investigator Chris Phenix from the University of Saskatchewan has been awarded US$150,000 by The Michael J. Fox Foundation to develop diagnostic radiotracers for early detection of Parkinson’s Disease

Limiting the spread of tuberculosis

GlycoNet researchers are identifying effective ways to prevent one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide

GlycoNet-affiliated start-up 48Hour Discovery and Merck initiate drug discovery project

Project funded through CQDM Quantum Leap program with support from Merck and GlycoNet will exploit new drug development platform

GlycoNet joins BioTalent Canada’s partnership network

Partnership will improve the career prospects in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors in Canada

GlycoNet Investigator named the inaugural recipient of The Legge Orr MI4 Leadership Award

The $1 million donation supports the leadership of Dr. Don Sheppard, Director of McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4), and will help drive the institute’s mission forward

Exterior cell surface design with glyco-engineering

GlycoNet researcher Chantelle Capicciotti aims to understand fundamental biological questions by sculpting cell surfaces with defined glycans

Carbohydrate classroom reaches Northwest Territories and Northern British Columbia

High school teachers become students for one day to learn about glycoscience


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