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Recently Announced Projects

A Chemogenomic Platform for Identifying Orphan Glycoimmune Checkpoints
Project Leader: Landon Edgar, University of Toronto

Advancing GlycoCage pro-drug technology for the treatment of enteric inflammation
Project Leader: Harry Brumer, University of British Columbia

Advancing the Clinical Impact of Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer Patients Using the “PolySialic Acid Liquid Biopsy” and MRI Imaging: A “Two-Step Authentication” Method
Project Leader: Hon Leong, University of Toronto

Analyzing sulfated glycans in the human brain as ligands for Siglecs
Project Leader: Matthew Macauley, University of Alberta

A New Generation Glycoconjugate Vaccine against Streptococcus suis to Reduce the Use of Antimicrobials in Swine Production
Project Leader: Mariela Segura, University of Montreal

Anti-exopolysaccharide Therapies to Improve Eradication of Early Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection in CF
Project Leader: Dao Nguyen, McGill University

Beyond Systemic Immunosuppression for Organ transplantation: A Novel Localized Approach to Combat Ischemic-reperfusion Injury Through Glycocalyx Engineering
Project Leader: Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu, University of British Columbia

Bioengineering of a Plant-Based Industry Production System for Montbretin A: A Novel Treatment Option for Type-2 Diabetes and Obesity
Project Leader: Joerg Bohlmann, University of British Columbia

Computational Design, Synthesis, and Screening of FUT8 Inhibitors as New Anticancer Agents
Project Leader: David Kwan, Concordia University

Continuous Flow Biocatalysis for Glycoengineering of Therapeutic Antibodies
Project Leader: Samy Cecioni, University of Montreal

Development of a Novel Class of Cardiovascular Drugs
Project Leader: Yvan Guindon, University of Montreal

Development of potent antagonists of immunomodulatory Siglecs based on bicyclic peptide scaffolds
Project Leader: Matthew Macauley, University of Alberta

Dissecting Regulation of the CD44-hyaluronan Axis in Cancer Metastasis
Project Leader: Simon Wisnovsky, University of British Columbia

Identifying Siglec Ligands by Glycan Remodeling with Photo-Crosslinking Probes
Project Leader: Chantelle Capicciotti, Queen’s University

Integrating Glycomics for the Management of Ocean Food Resources
Project Leader: Yves St-Pierre, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique

Investigating the Potential for Polysialic Acid to Prognosticate Scleroderma
Project Leader: Lisa Willis, University of Alberta

Regulation of the Proteoglycan Syndecan-1 in the Pathophysiology of Placental Malaria
Project Leader: Stephanie Yanow, University of Alberta

STING Modulation for the Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Using Novel Carbohydrate-based Delivery Systems
Project Leader: Hoang-Thanh Le, Health Sciences North Research Institute

Understanding Glycosylation in Primary Familiar Brain Calcification
Project Leader: David Vocadlo, Simon Fraser University

Project Leader: Robert Britton, Simon Fraser University

Project Leader: Simon Wisnovsky, University of British Columbia


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