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GlycoNet is committed to an effective training program.

The Canadian glycomics community is built upon more than 50 years of outstanding training of highly qualified personnel. Pioneers in the field began their careers in the 1950s and 1960s, training scientists who led groups across Canada in the subsequent decades. A third and fourth generation of Canada-trained glycomics scientists are now carrying out groundbreaking research in glycomics and are leading GlycoNet.

The fundamental goal of GlycoNet training activities is to provide trainees with a broadly based skill set for successful careers in academia as well as in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

GlycoNet’s Training Initiatives

GlycoNet Trainee Association Executive Committee

The GlycoNet Trainee Association (GTA), composed of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, technicians, and research associates affiliated with GlycoNet, seek to give trainees input into the training initiatives that are offered by GlycoNet. The GTA Executive Committee surveys their peers to gauge the success of the GlycoNet training program and make recommendations based on these findings to the Training Coordinator and Training Committee. 

Professional development

GlycoNet offers several professional development workshops, webinars, and opportunities throughout the year, particularly in technology transfer, entrepreneurship and project management, as well as communications and networking skills. In 2018, the CuriOSEity blog is launched with support from GlycoNet’s leadership team. The blog is an online forum that tackles questions surrounding professional development. It highlights activities available to the trainee community, encourages discussion and interaction on glycomics-related topics.

Multidisciplinary research training

GlycoNet’s training program includes opportunities to facilitate research collaborations between groups and industrial internships. 

Summer awards

GlycoNet has summer awards for undergraduates students, travel awards, and opportunities for trainees to pursue a small research project on their own design through the Advanced Training Opportunity Program (ATOP). 

Online resources

GlycoNet develops glycomics resources with Univesity of Alberta’s Centre of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (CMASTE) for high school science classrooms. The resources aim to connect the latest research in glycomics with Canadian high school curriculum. All resources are available for free from our website.

HQP Testimonials

“GlycoNet funding enabled me to practice more project management; at my current employment, this is one of the major focuses... GlycoNet also allowed me to present at an international conference, speak with industry representatives about our technologies, and talk with venture capital firms.”
Director Research Development, Covalon Technologies
“After studying genetics for five years at the undergraduate level, I am finally getting the chance to see the techniques I have learned about in action and to experiment with DNA myself. Gaining experiences like performing genotyping will certainly prepare me for the career as a genetic counselor. My project will allow me to assess the impact of patient mutations on enzyme activity to better understand how these mutations translate to disease.”
Undergraduate Student, University of Manitoba
“As a trainee, GlycoNet provided me with many opportunities to develop transferable skills. I learned a lot about communication, leadership, and management. I also had the opportunity to develop grantsmanship skills through the ATOP grant. These are all important tools I can leverage to excel as an Assistant Professor.”
Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
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