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Call for Members for GTA Executive Committee

Call for members for the 2022-2023 GTA Executive Committee is now open.
Being an executive member on the GTA-EC is a unique and rewarding experience, and getting involved in trainee governance enables you to create changes in the network that will affect you, your fellow GlycoNet colleagues, and GlycoNet members in influential and meaningful ways.
What is GTA-EC?

The GlycoNet Trainee Association Executive Committee (GTA-EC) is composed of 6-8 trainees who advocate for and contribute to trainees’ perspectives. In doing so, the GTA-EC aims to support trainee development and enhance the experiences of all trainees in GlycoNet.

Why get involved? You can…
  • Help develop GlycoNet as a place of training and education for trainees
  • Get to know other trainees at GlycoNet
  • Expand your leadership skills and network while representing the interests of the trainees
  • Have a say in what happens at the trainee level
  • Have opportunities to plan for GlycoNet’s trainee-focused events (e.g. outreach program, professional development workshops, webinars, glycomics group meetings, social mixers, networking events etc.)
  • You are a graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, technician, or research associate supervised by a GlycoNet Investigator (Click to check the list of GlycoNet Investigators)
  • You have an interest and commitment to trainee development
  • You are available to engage in GTA-EC activities 3-4 hours per month. These activities include:
    • 1-1.5 hour online monthly meeting
    • In-person meeting and activities during GlycoNet AGM and Symposium (tentatively May 2023)
    • Other time commitments towards the projects of the GTA-EC

Note: it is not necessary to be working on GlycoNet-funded projects to be eligible to apply.

  • Lead and/or participate in internal projects and committees within GTA-EC
  • Attend and facilitate trainee-focused workshops at the annual GlycoNet AGM & Symposium
  • Provide input and feedback from trainees to the GlycoNet Training Committee
  • Plan and communicate trainee-focused initiatives to Network trainees

We are seeking to build a diverse and inclusive group of individuals who are motivated, creative, passionate, and committed to the workings of the GlycoNet Trainee Association and GlycoNet as a whole.

Candidates will be selected by the GlycoNet Training Committee based on experiences that align with the goals of GTA, expressed commitment towards GTA-EC, and interest in trainee development. We welcome applicants from a broad range of specialties, sexual orientations, races, religions, genders, abilities, and geographic locations. For more information on GTA-EC and our training initiatives, visit our website: https://canadianglycomics.ca/training/trainee-association/

Important Dates
  • May 19, 2022: application opens
  • June 9, 2022: application closes at 11:59 pm MT
  • July 2022: Notification to elected member
  • September 2022: in-person meeting in Edmonton*
  • September 2022 – May 2023: planning for trainee-focused activities and initiatives
  • May 2023 (tentative): GlycoNet AGM and Symposium
  • May – August, 2023: planning for trainee-focused activities

* In-person meeting will depend on the travel regulations at that time and the date will be set according to GTA-EC’s availability. Travel will be reimbursed according to GlycoNet Travel and Reimbursement Policy.

To apply, please go to the google form.


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