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Browse our lectures, seminars, and tools for various fields and applications of glycomics.

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External Learning Resources

  • Carbohydrate–Active Enzymes Database (CAZy) describes the families of structurally-related catalytic and carbohydrate-binding modules (or functional domains) of enzymes that degrade, modify, or create glycosidic bonds.
  • Glycomics ExPASy provides access to scientific databases and software tools (i.e., resources) in different areas of life sciences including proteomics, genomics, phylogeny, systems biology, population genetics, transcriptomics etc.
  • GlyTouCan, a repository that is freely available, uncurated for glycan structures that contain globally unique accession numbers to any glycan independent of the level of information provided by the experimental method used to identify the structure(s).
  • UniCarb-DB is one of the largest experimental glycomic MS database and repository in the world

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