Women making an impact at GlycoNet

Meet some of the female trainees who are part of the GlycoNet commuity
The International Day of Women and Girls in Science was established in December 2015 and is implemented by UNESCO and UN-Women to promote women and girls in science. At GlycoNet, we are committed to promoting inclusion and participation in science for women and girls. 
Learn more about women trainees and trainee alumni at GlycoNet who are making an impact on the health of all Canadians.
Audrey Belouin

Trainee Alumnae
Paraza Pharma

Marie Boddington

Queen’s University

Arunika Ekanayake

Université de l’Alberta

Jolene Garber

University of British Columbia Okanagan

Olivia Liu

Université McGill

Revathi Reddy

Université de l’Alberta

Erum Razvi

Université de Toronto

Alysha Burnett

Wilfrid Laurier University

Tasnim Abukar

Ryerson University

Emily Rodrigues

Université de l’Alberta

Sadia Rahmani

Ryerson University

Hanna Ostapska

Université McGill

Jennifer Crha

Trainee Alumnae

Olga Ovchinnikova

University of Guelph

Akay Akohwarien

Université de la Saskatchewan

Natalie Bamford

Trainee Alumnae

Ashley Brott

Trainee Alumnae

Katarina Mandic

Trainee Alumnae

Emily Wilson

Trainee Alumnae

Elizabeth Steves

Trainee Alumnae

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