Core services available with GlycoNet

test-214186_1280Carbohydrate synthesis, glycan structure analysis, and library screening are the core services being offered by GlycoNet, in partnership with the Alberta Glycomics Centre. It’s an important part of the framework that makes the Network a benefit for glycomics researchers and industry partners across Canada and beyond.

“The Core Services established by GlycoNet and the Alberta Glycomics Centre were designed both to facilitate Network/Centre research programs and to attract industrial partnerships,” said GlycoNet Scientific Director Todd Lowary. “Through the Core Services, we have applied our glycomics expertise to address problems brought to us by a range of Canadian and international companies.”

The Network has one of the highest concentrations of glycan synthesis scientists in the world and serves as one of only three beta test sites for novel automated instrumentation for synthesizing glycans. With experience in the analysis of complex glycans and glycoproteins, the Network can provide routine analysis and help to interpret complex data. In addition, the Glycan Screening Facility is state-of-the-art in offering carbohydrate library screening capabilities through the use of advanced electrospray ionization mass spectrometry instrumentation. It also offers carbohydrate library screening methods against target proteins to identify novel inhibitors and natural receptors.

If you would like more information about any of the core services provided, please contact GlycoNet Executive Director Elizabeth Nanak: or visit this link.

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