GlycoNet awards $9.6 million to fund glycomics research

EDMONTON (September 1, 2015) – The Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet), Canada’s first national research network focused on the study of glycomics, has awarded 17 research grants totaling more than $9.6 million.

The grants will fund research that has a wide range of potential applications to human health, such as developing drugs to treat staph infections, exploring therapies to potentially inhibit tumour growth in cancer patients and developing treatment for human lysosomal storage diseases and other rare genetic diseases.

“We’re thrilled to fund these exciting and innovative projects, which are being led by some of the top researchers in the field,” says GlycoNet Scientific Director, Dr. Todd Lowary. “We are confident that the investment we make in these projects will ultimately lead to commercial successes and advances in human health.”

GlycoNet is a national research network based at the University of Alberta. The funds will be distributed to more than 30 researchers at 18 different institutions across the country. The projects are part of the first phase of the research program for GlycoNet, which was funded by the federal government through the Networks of Centres of Excellence program earlier this year. The GlycoNet research program focuses on the study of glycomics, or carbohydrates, in biological systems, particularly in relation to five themes: antimicrobials, rare genetic diseases, diabetes and obesity, chronic disease and therapeutic proteins and vaccines.

“Glycomics is an emerging field and there are so many areas, particularly in human health, where we can make an impact. It will be exciting to see where these scientists take their work in the next few years,” says Dr. Lowary. “We also look forward to expanding partnerships with industry to maximize the impact of their work.”

In addition to funding, GlycoNet will provide support for the projects including access to core services required to undertake the work, resources related to business development and protection of intellectual property and assistance developing collaborations with industry.

GlycoNet invited applications for multidisciplinary research projects designed to fit within the network’s five research themes. After an extensive review process, GlycoNet awarded 17 projects, listed at

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