Realist Pharma and GlycoNet Announce Collaboration

TORONTO (September 19, 2017) – Realist Pharma (“Realist” or “the Company”) today announced that it has entered into a collaboration and contribution agreement with the Canadian Glycomics Network (“GlycoNet”) to assist in development of Realist’s glycomimetic vaccines targeting multiple cancers. In the context of this agreement, GlycoNet will provide a $250,000 financial contribution as well as key expertise for the scale-up of manufacturing of key precursors, for the subsequent GMP manufacturing of material for upcoming clinical studies. The funds will support the laboratory of Dr. H. Uri Saragovi at the Lady Davis Institute in Montréal, who will lead the development of these products. GlycoNet will receive an equity consideration for this contribution.

“We are indeed pleased to be collaborating with GlycoNet, an international leader in glycomics, on the development of our drug. Realist’s glycomimetic vaccines target the carbohydrate portions of well-known and widespread tumor markers, making an understanding of glycomics of signal importance to our future success,” said Mark de Groot, Realist’s Chief Executive Officer. “While the initial focus of the collaboration is on the tumor marker gangliosides (TMGs) GD2 and GD3, Realist’s platform is expected to be able to address up to 20 different TMG targets in total.”

“The research program developed by Realist and Dr. Saragovi at the Lady Davis Institute fits beautifully with GlycoNet’s mandate to advance glycomics for the benefit of Canadians by demonstrating the crucial role of glycomics in immuno-oncology. Realist’s novel discoveries demonstrate the relevance of glycomics for applications in human health, and its potential for spurring job creation and start-up success in Canada,” said Dr. Todd Lowary, GlycoNet Scientific Director. “We are extremely pleased to play a role in accelerating the commercial development of research that could lead to new cancer treatments as well as value creation in Canada.”

About Realist Pharma

Realist Pharma is a private immunotherapy company which has developed a patented platform technology (ReVax) that targets multiple cancers through active immune strategies. More specifically, Realist has demonstrated that its patented small molecules built on the ReVax platform can activate gamma delta (γδ) T cells to target a series of well-known glycolipid tumor markers (Tumor Marker Gangliosides), which are highly expressed in a wide variety of cancers. Realist’s lead products have demonstrated high efficacy against both metastases and tumors in four aggressive preclinical models (namely lung cancer, melanoma and two lymphomas).

Realist’s products can be manufactured at low cost, and to date have demonstrated no safety or toxicity issues in extensive preclinical testing.

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About Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet)

GlycoNet is a Canadian federal Network of Centres of Excellence with over 28 post-secondary member institutions in Canada. The vision of GlycoNet is to deliver solutions to important health issues and improve quality of life of Canadians through glycomics. The mission of GlycoNet is to: (1) ensure that the Network and Canada are internationally recognized as the leader in glycomics research, (2) deliver exceptional training in glycomics research and entrepreneurship, (3) bridge the translation gap between research and industry, and (4) translate research advances into tangible benefits for Canada. GlycoNet is creating a one-stop global destination focused on developing new therapeutics in collaboration with academic and industry organizations to address areas of unmet need through applied glycomics research. This national platform supports translational research, protection of intellectual property, novel drug development, company formation and training. The network includes more than 110 researchers from across Canada who focus on antimicrobial drugs, genetic diseases, diabetes, obesity, chronic disease, new therapeutic proteins, and vaccines. GlycoNet provides researchers and industry partners with access to core services in carbohydrate synthesis, complex structure analysis, and high-throughput screening of new drug candidates.

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