GlycoNet Investigators leverage Network project to receive $1.15M in funding for breast cancer research

Funding will enable Drs. Yves St-Pierre, David Chatenet, and Nicolas Doucet to develop a revolutionary immunotherapy against breast cancer

From left: Dr. Nicolas Doucet, Dr. Yves St-Pierre, and Dr. David Chatenet. (Photo: INRS)

A project initiated from GlycoNet and led by Investigator Dr. Yves St-Pierre, Professor at Institut national de recherche scientifique (INRS), receives additional $1.15 M from Consortium de recherce biopharmaceutique (CQDM), the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), the Armand-Frappier Foundation, Zymeworks, Pfizer, and GlycoNet. The team, including Drs. Yves St-Pierre, Dr. David Chatenet, and Dr. Nicolas Doucet, will develop a technology to inhibit the action of galectins, a class of carbohydrate-binding protein commonly overexpressed in cancer cells. This project will lay the foundation for a new generation of cancer immunotherapy and will benefit from the expertise of two of funding partners active in the field of immuno-oncology—Zymeworks and Pfizer.

Read the full release here.

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